• 18th Century Carbon Steel Boarding Axe

The Boarding Axe evolved to fill a niche created by the art of naval warfare at the time of the great sailing ships.

As well as being used for damage control they were also used as a combat tool in any boarding action between vessels, and it was this action that generally concluded the fight. The boarding axe was used to cut through anti-boarder nets and lines, to cut through rigging or ropes holding gun ports open, to smash through the doors and windows of cabins to attack the opposing crew who may be defending that as a stronghold. And of course in melee an axe may not be as good as a sword or cutlass but it was still a handy personal weapon.

A boarding party would always include a complement of axe carriers to support the main body of marines and sailors armed with musket and cutlass. As the axes were generally stored in racks near each gun they were also handy for defense against enemy boarders, being quickly available to the gun crews to cut grappling lines or defend themselves.

McGrath and Barton give a comprehensive insight into boarding actions and the weapons used.

With regard to boarding axes they quote from the manual   “Instructions for training a ships crew in the use of arms in attack and defence”, written by Lieutenant Green an experienced officer who served at Trafalgar. “....it was not such an effective weapon,…… as it was a weapon that when sharpened is of great service in cutting rigging……inferior to thrusting weapons, such as the musket and bayonet, pike and cutlass”.


  • Black Finished Carbon Steel Head
  • Sharp blade
  • Overall Length: 12 1/4"
  • Head Length: 7-1/4"
  • Handle: Hardwood

The boarding of the Triton by the French corsair Hasard in 1796.

18th Century Carbon Steel Boarding Axe

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