Around the beginning of the civil war, a new American Naval Cutlass was adopted by the U.S. Navy which was designed after the French M1833.  While the exact date has not yet been determined, because the contracts of the time were so vaguely worded, it has become widely known as the  1860 Ames U.S. Naval Cutlass, produced by the Ames Mfg. company in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts.

The 1860 Ames Naval Cutlass became the standard for American sailors for more than 75 years. Even though a new model was adopted in 1917, this cutlass could still be found in the arm racks of some American Naval vessels at the start of World War II.

This  is quality reproduction with a blade constructed of carbon steel with a brass basket style hand guard andhas a wire wrapped faux-leather grip. it is recommended for ceremonial use, as a theatrical prop, collecting, decoration or costuming.

This cutlass has a sweeping upturned blade (called a falchion), and a single fuller (a fuller is the long groove found on some sword blades, it is there for balance and not as some think for exiting blood).

Included is a wooden scabbard covered in faux-leather with brass accents.  This style of sword was very popular from the Civil War to World War I.  


  • Quality reproduction prefect for ceremonies,
     prop, theatre, costuming or collecting
  • Overall Length: Approx. 35 inches
  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • Blade Length: 25.75 Inches
  • Blade Width: 1.375 Inches
  • Guard Length: Approx. 6"
  • Guard Width: Approx. 4"
  • Brass Handguard
  • Wire wrapped faux-leather grip
  • Wooden faux-leather covered scabbard w/ brass accents

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1860 Ames Naval Cutlass CPO, Chief Petty Officer USN, Navy Sword

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