2013 Ship To Shore Festival Richmond BC

Tall ships sail into Richmond, British Columbia for the 2013 Ship To Shore Festival in Steveston. The Shady Isle Pirates were on hand for the 3rd Ship To Shore with our mini-brigs, and crew entertaining the crowds at the docks. History, adventure and fun sailed back into Richmond for Ships to Shore Steveston 2013 on Saturday, June 29 until Monday, July 1. For the third year in a row, nearly 20,000 souls relived the days when Richmond's Steveston Village was a major port-of-call for fleets of sailing ships from around the world. Feature vessels included the majestic and historic schooner Adventuress, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2013 and the HMCS Oriole, the Canadian Navy's sail training vessel and longest-serving commissioned ship. Also, were the beautiful and majestic Grail Dancer, Mycia, Gaia, P 619, SAR 7 and Jimmy NG, and Steveston Harbour Tours shuttling folks over to Britannia for even more classic boats!

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