July 5, 1680

July 5, 1680

At Port.


Recieved a package from Ma. Inside was a strange item, a bracelet. 

Seems the carcass and remains of the Kraken attack that was left onshore had made its way up the beach and dried. Tougher than Cow leather and almost as pale as milk. 

Ma used it for cordage. Sent me the bracelet as a present. 

Found out by way of some screaming crewmembers the kraken gut had a truly eerie property. If left in the light for a long period of time, at night it would shine similar to fireflies. 

Captain ordered me to stow it. Seems the crew thinks it's a totem of evil. 

Bunch of light spined jellyfish.

June 25 1680

June 25, 1680

Returning to Port.

Four days straight of ship battles, plundering and baking in the sun. 

The Crew made some new allies and had visits from old ones. We gained needed supplies and more than enough spoils to treat ourselves.

I came back to the Liberte just in time to be assigned to a few fellow Brotherhood vessels, The Mini Pearl, The Mini Ceptor and the Green Goblin. 

My skills as a Gunner were put to the test as I tried to stay downwind and keep my cannon ready. Captains Greywolf and O'Dae made sure I had targets to fire at. Even Fabio De Fait was working his hardest. Ol' Scarlett was prodding him something fierce to keep up with her sister-in-arms Rouge. 

By the last battle my skin was burning, my shoes were covered in ash and dust, and I was in dire need of rest. 

A day later I was back at the Inn with my feet up drinking a "iced" tea. A novel idea. 

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