A Sailor's Life For Me!

Prepare to Set Sail On "Old Ironsides" 
Prepare to set sail on a seafaring adventure! Live the life of a young sailor aboard USS Constitution, "Old Ironsides," during the War of 1812. Scrub the deck, haul on lines, steer the ship, and work the guns. Tell tall tales and perhaps sneak a game of dice during your leisure time. If you do well, you'll rise through the ranks and eventually captain your own gun crew.
Explore the ship and learn about the daily lives of the 450 sailors who lived and worked in these crowded spaces. Listen as they tell you about their lives in their own words. Vivid, detailed drawings and playful text by world-renowned artist Stephen Biesty and writer Richard Platt let you explore all of USS Constitution's nooks, from the dark hold to the top of the tallest mast—and everywhere in between.
Drawing on more than 10 years of intensive research by the USS Constitution Museum, this is the most accurate and thrilling depiction of life at sea ever presented. Now raise the anchors and sail into the War of 1812!