Mini-Brig Project: Hull Construction - Step 9

Hull Construction: Step 9

Mounting the Mast Step: Our mast step is made of ABS plastic, and features an upside down 3" drain plug, with a 3" to 2" adapter which the mast convienently slides into. In mounting the mast step we needed to first glue and secure the adapter to the drain. Once we did this, we needed to get the mast step on a level surface. We secured first a piece of 1/2" x 2" by using screws and glue which convienently was enough of an angle to make it level.

Step 1: Mount Mast Step A picture of the maststep from the bow side

Once we had the maststep levelled, We used four short screws and bulldog grip adhesive to secure the mast step to the hull. We did this by drilling holes through the hull from the bottom and securing the mast step with stainless steel stove bolts. Taking care to countersink the heads, as well as epoxying over the top of the bolt heads so it is flush with the bottom of the hull