Mini-Brig Project: Hull Construction - Step 10

Hull Construction: Step 10

Mounting the Second Mast Step:

Once you have the main mast step in place, you'll want to mount the rear mast step. It is the same size and same material as the first mast step. First we cut a square piece of plywood, just a little larger than the mast step (about 8 inches square) this will serve to level the step. You can finish this piece of wood before you put it in the boat. We then glued and screwed the plywood mount in place and then bolted the mast step through the hull (as in Mast Step 1).

Step 1: Mount Rear Mast Step

A picture of the maststep from above the mid/bow seat


Step 2: Mount Mast Support

Next, you want to make a mast support. We did this by attaching a piece of 2x2 to about a 7x8 inch rectangular piece of 3/4" plywood (you could also use solid wood if you want). We then mounted this piece inside the mid seat frame.  (While the picture shows the top of the seat installed, you want to do this before you have attached the seat top). To give it added support we made legs from 2"x2", which was epoxied to the plywood and screwed into the top mounting bracket. We then used a hole cutter to make a hole for the mast and rounded the edges of the 2" x 2" with a belt sander.