Mini-Brig Project: Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches:

By now you will want to put on all the finishing touches, that is apply all the cleats and hardware. There are many different ways of cleating lines, from cam-cleats, to pins. We opted for stainless steel cleats and some hand made wooden cleats.There is much discussion about various hardware and we encourage you to explore and find what is right for you.

Adventure bowYou may also want to head a figurehead or some decorative touches. We will leave that up to you. Our brig originally  had a temporary figurehead earned during a trip down to Westport Washington. But that is another story. It now sports a figurehead of St. Brendan's Cross... .

The mini-brig is an ongoing project, and we will be adding features and making modifications as time permits. For example, a second headsail and staysail is in the works. Over the years, we have changed sail configurations, and "upgraded" to more traditional styles of sails.Both of the mini-brigs have full length keels that have been added, in hopes of increasing sailing abilities.

Adventure figureheadWe hope that your Mini-Brig will bring you hours of enjoyment. As always, please excersize caution while on the water and always wear your PFD.

While we encourage you to make it your own, We ask that you give reference to where the idea originated - The Shady Isle Pirates, and it was designed by Brian Nix. 

Fair winds, and good Sailing.