This mini-brig is a fully working mini "pirate-ship" designed to carry up to two adults. It can be fitted with small cannon. They mini-brigs have been successfully sailed in many festivals, inland lakes, and salt-water marinas. The carbide cannon plans are available separately or can be resourced on the web.
This Brigantine is 7'10" LOW, and features two masts. It generally operated by a captain and a gunnery crew. It is loosely based on the Mertens-Goosens D4 free plan and the Sabot/Optimist Pram type of  sail-boat, and is assembled using "stitch & glue" construction.

The purpose of the mini-brig project is to provide an inexpensive and feasible means of sailing a fully manned small scale square rigger. In addition, its small size makes the vessel easily transportable to inland lakes and festivals.  The need for something small, portable and inexpensive had to be critical in the design. It was also important that it was a functional sailboat, complete with a traditional square rig. 

These are the basic plans for the mini-brig project. You can find building instructions at: These plans are available on an "as-is" basis, and may contain errors.  By downloading these plans, you are given a license to build one hull and rig on a non-commercial basis. By proceeding to build such a boat you do so at your own risk.

The author/designer Brian Nix limits the use of the plans for personal uses only. Any commercial reproduction or mass production is strictly prohibited. Please make sure to give credit where credit is due. Alot of hardwork and dedication has been put into these brigs over the years, and we have provided these plans for your own personal enjoyment.

Includes the following plans:

Frame/Hull Plans:

minibrig1. jpg / minibrig1.pdf
minibrig2.jpg / minibrig2.pdf
minibrig3.jpg / miniBrig3.pdf
Broadsideview.jpg / Broadsideview.pdf
Maststep Location.jpg / Maststep Location.pdf
Cannon Deck.jpg / Cannon Deck.pdf
Daggerboard Casing: Type1.jpg / Daggerboard Casing: Type1.pd 
daggerboardtrunk2.JPG / daggerboardtrunk2.pdf
Rudder Plan.jpg / Rudder Plan.pdf
Bow Seat Plan (Port) .jpg / Bow Seat Plan (Port) .pdf
Bow Seat Plan (Starboard) .jpg / Bow Seat Plan (Starboard) .pdf 

Wooden Mast Plans

rigplat1.JPG / rigplat1.pdf
rigplat2.JPG / rigplat2.pdf
topmaststep.JPG / topmaststep.pdf
maststep1.jpg / maststep1.pdf
masstep1b.jpg / masstep1b.pdf
fightingtop2.JPG / fightingtop2.pdf
fightingtop4.jpg / fightingtop4.pdf


Rigging Diagrams/Plans

minibrigrig1a.JPG / minibrigrig1a.pdf
minibrigrig2a.JPG / minibrigrig2a.pdf
minibrigrig3a.jpg /minibrigrig3a.pdf
minibrigrig5a.JPG / minibrigrig5a.pdf
minibrigrig6a.jpg / minibrigrig6a.pdf

Mini-Brig Plan Set

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